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About us


The company has developed as a skilled operator since 1972.
It was set up as an Individual Company by the two founders Gianluigi Merletti and his wife Narcisa. In 1995 the company was transformed and welcomed the children Sabrina and Ruggero to the team.

Precision mechanics, a key element of production, finds its greatest application in the Aerospace and Defence field, which today is mainly applied to the section dedicated to design and manufacture.

Technology and Services

Vertical management of orders for products and parts with high technological content.
From very high-quality metals which can withstand extreme temperatures and intense pressures


Inspections, testing and quality control. Our processes ensure that each detail is exactly as required.

Business Markets

Fixed wing, rotary wing, defence, power and engines. We manage complex supply chains and offer reliable solutions to the challenges of our customers.


We supply products and services which satisfy your expectations in terms of quality and value. We continuously monitor and improve our processes to ensure that each detail is exactly as required.

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Merletti Aerospace: Impresa 4.0 a Varese

Che si tratti del comparto aerospaziale, cosmetico o chimico poco importa. Anche le imprese varesine stanno investendo tempo e risorse per raggiungere un buon grado di digitalizzazione. La scorsa estate Merletti Aerospace è stata scelta tra le aziende della provincia di Varese per essere sottoposta ad un’attenta analisi condotta dal DIH – Digital Innovation Hub

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Merletti Aerospace obtains the Legality Rating

By resolution of April 20th, 2022 the Competition and Market Authority assigned the score of 2 stars (out of a maximum of 3) as a Legality Rating. The legality rating is a synthetic indicator of compliance with high standards of legality by the companies that have requested it. This indicator...

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