1972 - 2022, 50 years old and not feeling them.

The celebrations for the first 50 years of MERLETTI AEROSPACE took place on Saturday 17 September at the Volandia Museo del Volo.

In this place, symbol of the aeronautics of the territory, the Merletti family wanted to celebrate the coveted milestone.
Many memories of these 50 years, from the first mechanical machining on manual lathes in the shed under the house, to the current machining centers of last generation in the Arsago Seprio settlement, with an eye to the future and the opening of the new headquarters in Somma Lombardo for non-destructive testing.

"Merletti never stopped, we got on a moving train launched towards the future, full of many projects but above all full of what our parents taught us: commitment, respect, pride, fairness, dignity and certainly sacrifice. ”The comment of Sabrina Merletti.

“Merletti has been able to innovate, improving processes and methods, constantly updating the production plants and personnel training and over time, has earned the respect of customers, growing over time. The support of all employees and collaborators was and certainly is fundamental in the process; they are the ones who have represented and represent the engine of the company and a special thanks to them for the successes achieved.” the words of RUGGERO MERLETTI

The presence of numerous local authorities, from the Mayors of Arsago Seprio and Somma Lombardo, to the Vice-President of the Province of Varese, from the President Roberto Grassi and General Director Silvia Pagani of the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Varese, to the President Angelo Vallerani with the board of the Lombardia Aerospace Cluster, up to the Governor of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana, who, entertaining himself throughout the evening, complimented the family for 50 years and for what has been achieved, underlining in his speech "The ability, creativity, honesty, seriousness, commitment, elbow grease, never being afraid of the future, never having fear of difficulties, always throw your heart beyond the obstacle”.

A memory then could only go to the founder Gianluigi Merletti, who in the face of adversity, complicated and apparently unattainable projects, reminded everyone to imagine being like a painter in front of a blank canvas: "the painter closes his eyes and thinks of design, details, colors and shapes… then he opens his eyes and the picture is done; you have to be like the painter: you have to dream it and in the end if you believe it it will come true ”.

The evening was then entertained by the dialectal show of the Compagnia dei Legnanesi, who talked about work in the old days in the factory and the role of the family, a big family ... like the big family of Merletti Aerospace.