Merletti Aerospace obtains the Legality Rating

By resolution of April 20th, 2022 the Competition and Market Authority assigned the score of 2 stars (out of a maximum of 3) as a Legality Rating.

The legality rating is a synthetic indicator of compliance with high standards of legality by the companies that have requested it. This indicator is attributed on the basis of compliance with predetermined requirements established by the Government Authority.

At April 2022, about 9,470 companies in Italy have this rating, of which only 71 from the Province of Varese and Merletti Aerospace is now one of them.

This is an important result for Merletti Aerospace, a further ethical symbol of the operations we implement every day. The result obtained confirms the adequacy of the innovative path we are implementing and drives us to continue to reach the maximum score of 3 stars in the coming years." - the Financial Direction comment