Merletti Aerospace announces a new investment

ZEISS Accura II gantry measuring machine [News & Events]

Merletti Aerospace announces its new investment.

This is the ZEISS Accura II Portal Measuring Machine
High performance and precision are the focal points of the Zeiss Accura II. Offering the maximum possible measuring range in all sizes, it guarantees an accurate 360 ° measurement

Technical data:
Measuring range: X 1600 mm Y 4200 mm Z 1000 mm
Measurement error on length E0 (in μm): 2.9 + L / 300
Movement speed: 460 mm / s (axle) 800 mm / s (vector)
Scanning speed: 200 mm / s
Maximum load: 4000 kg
Sensor: VAST Gold Navigator VAST Software Calypso