A winning combination

For several years now, but especially in the last decade, there has been great attention on the part of professionals towards the non-productive times of the machine tool: a machine that does not produce chips becomes a cost that in turn inevitably transfers to those of the final product; If we then add the fact that the production batches are increasingly reduced in terms of the number of pieces, the importance of limiting set-up times between one production and another emerges.

Based on these needs, Merletti Aerospace of Arsago Seprio (VA), a company founded in 1972 and specialized in the production of precision parts for the aerospace sector, has decided to equip a modern MAZAK INTEGREX 200 multitasking machine with the quick change system of the centroteX® equipment, built by the German company HAINBUCH.

L’obiettivo, dicono alla Merletti, era di rendere una macchina già di per sé flessibile come PINTEGREX di MAZAK ancora più efficiente, e per far questo si è pensato di agire sugli accessori della macchina utensile, e in particolare sui sistemi di bloccaggio pezzo; così, su suggerimento della ERGG di Somma Lombardo (rivenditore MAZAK per la provincia di Varese), si è pensato di contattare HAINBUCH per la fornitura di un sistema di cambio rapido degli attrezzi di bloccaggio.


The centroteX® system, patented worldwide, uses a coupling between precision balls in the male part and a ground seat in the female part, thanks to this solution the repositioning of the equipment is guaranteed within a few microns as well as the rigidity of all together. The system consists of a base flange which is mounted on the spindle nose of the machine tool; on this flange, thanks to a common coupling interface, it is possible to mount the most suitable clamping equipment from time to time as needed. It is therefore possible to quickly switch from a piece clamping with the collet holder spindle to a clamping system for internal holes, by means of expansion mandrels and bushes, or again, it is possible to mount a traditional or any type of chuck; moreover, by mounting the base flange on several machines, it is possible to share the clamping equipment present in the company among them. The maximum number of revolutions of rotation is determined by the clamping equipment mounted and not by the centroteX® system.

The rapidity of the change between one clamping equipment and another gives enormous versatility to the machine tool, allowing it to produce even small batches profitably. The reduction in tooling times and the consequent massive reduction in downtime costs allow the return on investment in a short period of time.

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